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Bespoke Travel is a full service travel agency with many years’ experience in the travel industry. Our personal travel agents service both the corporate and the luxury traveler with equal professionalism and enthusiasm and understand that needs between the two differ completely. We pride ourselves on immaculate service and timeous delivery, be it a corporate travel meeting in Hong Kong or a private luxury tour of Machu Picchu.

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Bespoke Travel is invested in travel. We cherish building relationships and sustaining our relationships on a long term basis. Every package and travel experience is carefully curated by our team with flights, accommodation, tours, cruises and package deals at competitive prices and excellent service. Feel at home with us and put your feet up, while our travel agents do all the work.

Handcrafting your dream holiday to suit your specific needs is what we thrive on. Our travel agents take care of all the details, keeping you engaged throughout the entire process. Choose between our curated holidays or ready made packaged options for a holiday that ticks all your boxes.

Corporate travel becomes easier with our agents’ extensive knowledge, airline affiliations, preferred partner agreements, corporate discounts and top-notch service.

With our extensive network of suppliers and professional relationships that have been built for years, Bespoke Travel is an expert in arranging the best cruising holidays to suit your specific needs. There are numerous things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a cruise, using a knowledgeable personal travel agent to assist in this process is invaluable.

Comms percentages and one-off bonuses. They sound great, but what lasting impact do they really have? An experience of a lifetime though? Now that’s an incentive. Our curated, luxury corporate incentive travel packages are an accessible way to drive staff performance. And with our extensive network, corporate discounts and partner agreements, we ensure that we’re able to develop curated, luxury packages to fit your budget.

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Join hundreds of Bespoke Travellers who have experienced the benefits of working with Bespoke Travel Agents. From hiking in the Himalayas to cruising on the best travel lines in the world, Bespoke Travel makes your next adventure a luxurious and seamless process. Book your consultation today and experience the luxury of a truly Bespoke Travel Itinerary.